You Need A Fiduciary

We’ll always advise you in your best interest…not ours

Wayne Firebaugh, Inc. is a fiduciary. This means we create investment strategy based on the professional belief any suggestions are in the best interest of the client. Our undivided loyalty lies solely with our clients.

Wayne is independent and not tied to one company or investment platform, so he’s free to pick and choose from the widest possible array of investment options that will provide the best results. There are no kick-backs and no conflicts of interest. Your interests are our interests, period.

Wayne is a Registered Investment Advisor. Federal and state law requires that Registered Investment Advisers be held to a fiduciary standard. To satisfy this extremely high legal standard, an adviser must act solely in the best interest of the client, even if that interest is in conflict with the adviser’s financial interest. Investment Advisers must disclose any conflict, or potential conflict, to the client prior to and throughout a business engagement. Investment Advisers must fully disclose how they are compensated. In addition, our firm has adopted a Code of Ethics to ensure that we live up to our fiduciary obligations. Unfortunately, not all “financial advisers” work for federally or state-registered investment advisory firms. Many so-called financial advisers are registered representatives, better known as brokers, and are employed by brokerage firms. Generally, registered representatives need not comply with the fiduciary duty standard that is owed when you are dealing with a registered investment advisory firm. Brokers use a “suitability” standard that means a recommendation can be merely good enough not necessarily the best.