What you and your financial adviser believe is as important as the tactics you employ and the products you buy. Such an understanding is essential to withstanding the inevitable downturns in both the markets and life. Since we realize that many of our potential clients have never thought about what, if anything, they believe regarding their financial plans, we wanted to share our core beliefs.

  • The purpose of a financial plan is to chart a course, identify actions, take steps, and measure progress of your journey from your present financial reality to your desired future financial condition.
  • Financial planning requires trade-offs regardless of how little (or how much) money your family has. Common trade-offs include maximizing current standard of living vs. accumulating wealth or limiting portfolio volatility vs. increasing long-term returns, but the possible trade-offs in your family's plan are virtually unlimited. But, what's the best choice? That depends upon the values, resources, family dynamics, and goals of each family. In other words, the trade-offs that work best for one family will almost never exactly fit another family. Financial planning helps identify the constraints and choices that you face and then identify your unique path.
  • A well-designed financial plan expands and protects your future choices against the uncertainties of life. Can you access cash when you need it? Will you be able to provide support for kids and grandkids in need? What happens if you die prior to completing your working career? How will you preserve your standard of living if the market declines and takes your IRA with it?


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